Oregon 40 Volt MAX Electric Chainsaw Review

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The Oregon forty volt max electric chainsaw has a reputation for a quiet running operation and almost total silence between cuts. The fifteen amp motor has enough power to cut firewood, trim branches and fell smaller trees. This is a chainsaw that’s capable of cutting wood up to sixteen inches in diameter, heavily depending on the hardness of the wood. While not a particularly fast model, it does have enough power to tackle most jobs around the home.

Oregon 40 Volt Max Electric Chainsaw Assessment Review: Specs and Features

This model features a built-in sharpening system which is referred to as Power Sharp.  Because you’ll always be cutting with the sharpest chain, this model takes a lot of manual labor out of working in the yard. To use the Power Sharp feature just pull the lever a few times and within seconds the chain will be sharp as a razor.  This company is the first to use chain sharpening systems and they’ve built their reputation on their expertise with chainsaw chains.  Oregon is currently the only company that uses this type of technology integrated into their line of chainsaws, which gives them a big advantage over other companies. This is because the sharpness of a chain is the most important factor when it comes to cutting efficiently. Regardless of how powerful a chainsaw motor is, you won’t cut efficiently using a dull chain.

This model needs to be used in conjunction with a twelve gauge extension cord and is also equipped with a tool-less tensioning system and an electric chain brake. The chainsaw’s textured grip and overall weight of this model make it comfortable to handle.

Consumer Feedback for this Oregon Electric Chainsaw

Pros: Consumers didn’t have very many negative things to say about this power tool. Low maintenance and easy to use, this quiet running model is a must-have for your power tool arsenal. It’s also equipped with a safety switch that turns the saw off the minute your finger leaves the trigger pad. The built-in extension cord lock works to prevent the cord from detaching accidentally when you’re up high and trimming trees. These extra features definitely make it worth the purchase.

Cons: The main downside for this product is the fact that it’s a corded chainsaw. Corded models can limit your movement as you fell trees and pretty much restricts you from working in an isolated rural area. There is also the safety concern that you can slice through the cord if you aren’t careful.

Conclusion and Rating for this 40 Volt Electric Chainsaw

Equipped with a powerful fifteen amp engine and an eighteen-inch bar and chain with reduced kickback, this model truly operates at full power. Consumers gave this Oregon chainsaw a rating of four out of five stars for the self-sharpening feature, powerful engine, and overall quality. The innovative self-sharpening system was a huge selling point for this saw and received high praise from consumers who purchased this product.

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