Makita 5012B Electric Chainsaw Review

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The Makita 5012B chainsaw is a consumer favorite, especially with loyal Makita customers. Makita is a company with a reputation for producing quality tools, so it comes as no surprise that their loyal following jumped on purchasing this high-powered electric chainsaw. This is an 11.5 amp electric chainsaw that’s lightweight and easy to handle. Because of this, this model can be used for a much longer period of time.

Makita 5012B Chainsaw Assessment: Specs and Features

Because this is an electric model, there’s no gas and oil mixture to deal with and you’re using a saw that’s much safer for the environment, compared to gas models. This chainsaw is double insulated and features a hand protector that works to deflect any flying pieces of debris, preventing injury. The twelve-inch guide bar can easily slice through whatever you throw at it. The housing is built strong and durable, made from polycarbonate for a lighter weight and improved durability. This model also comes with a one-year product warranty for parts.

Weighing in at just thirteen pounds, this is a significantly lighter chainsaw when compared to a traditional model, which helps to improve maneuverability and allows you to work for a longer period of time. Equipped with an overload protector that prevents damage caused by a power surge, this is a chainsaw with reliability and durability in mind.

Consumer Feedback for this Makita Electric Chainsaw

Pros: Many consumers who used this product stated that it was able to handle the same jobs as a gas powered chainsaw. Other users noted that this model was equipped with more metal components as opposed to cheap plastic ones that you can commonly find in lower priced models. Because it’s so lightweight you can spend hours in the yard felling or thinning trees without the same type of brutal pain and muscle soreness you’d expect with a heavy gas powered chainsaw. Because it can be held for a longer period of time this model allows the user to get more work done efficiently. With a chain speed over 60 MPH, you’ll enjoy almost twice the speed of the average electric chainsaw on the market.

Cons: There were a couple of consumer complaints about this model. First off, one user mentioned that the chainsaw’s anti-kickback guard, which is located on the nose of the bar, is a hassle to deal with for users who know how to handle a chainsaw. The other issue revolved around injury caused by flying debris. Yes, this chainsaw operates at sixty miles per hour and because of this the debris that flies off whatever you’re cutting can actually hit the user and feel pretty painful at times. Always wear protective gear when using this saw, especially protective glasses.

Conclusion and Rating for this Chainsaw by Makita

Consumers gave this model a rating of four and a half out of five stars for ease of use, raw power, lightweight design and overall quality. A model that’s at the top of its class, this Makita electric chainsaw is packed with a ton of features and a raw type of power that’s hard to beat.

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