Husqvarna 316E Electric Chainsaw Review

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The Husqvarna 316E electric chainsaw is considered one of the quietest models of electric chainsaws on the market. It also has a pretty impressive reputation for its solid cut quality and lightweight design. The quiet-running exhaust free experience of using an electric chainsaw is enough to make some users switch from the standard gas powered chainsaws while others are still hesitant and convinced that an electric saw won’t pack the same type of power and cutting ability that a gas and oil model can.

Husqvarna 316E Electric Chainsaw Overview: Specs and Features

This is a corded electric chainsaw so you’ll need to purchase an extension cord for use and ensure that the type you buy is approved for outdoor use. This model uses an inline motor, which means less grip torque. This type of motor also allows the user to apply their weight more efficiently.

This is a model with a reputation for holding its own. While some consumers were initially concerned regarding how well this fourteen-inch model could measure up to a gas powered chainsaw, most users voted it as a close second in terms of cut quality. This saw does a great job on small projects around the home, on wood that’s up to sixteen inches in diameter.

The 316E is also one of the quietest models of corded chainsaws on the market. It can be a refreshing change not to have to deal with fumes constantly running and the loud two cycle engine operating close to your face. The inline motor means smooth handling during a cut.

You can also expect some excellent safety features. The model’s chain brake is nothing short of impressive. The brake activates if the left-hand bumps against the left-hand guard. It can also be active if the chain happens to catch the top of the bar, kicking the chainsaw back towards the user. This is one of the only models on the market with brakes that are readily activated by this type of inertia function. It’s also equipped with a chain lock that prevents the user from starting the chainsaw accidentally.

Consumer Feedback for this Corded Electric Chainsaw

Pros: Lightweight and easy to handle, this model is perfect for beginners and most home projects. The numerous safety features can give new users confidence that they’ll remain safe during use. The quiet-running motor is a huge selling point for consumers who like to get a jump on early morning yard work. The fact that this model is also good for the environment is a huge plus. Because it still offers a lot of power, consumers are more confident about making the switch to an electric model.

Cons: When you’re working with a chainsaw you have to be on your guard and take a number of safety precautions in order to remain safe. The fact that this model has to be used with an extension cord is a huge downside for some users because it can be a major safety issue that can cause the user to trip or fall. The user can also be at risk for electrocution should they slip and slice through the cord. Overall, if you remain aware and focused while using this chainsaw and follow the safety recommendations made by the manufacturer then you should remain safe during operation.

Conclusion and Rating for this Corded Electric Chainsaw

Consumers gave this model a rating of four out of five stars for power, easy handling, the fact that it’s so quiet running and the overall lightweight design. Equipped with a number of safety features that allow beginners to feel confident and safe during use, this is a well-rounded power tool designed to handle a wide variety of jobs around the home and a must-have for homeowners.

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