GreenWorks GCS80420 Electric Chainsaw Review

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The GreenWorks GCS80420 electric chainsaw is battery charged and features a DigiPro brushless motor and an eighteen-inch bar and chain. A cordless chainsaw with a reputation for power and packed with a ton of safety features, this model is tough enough to challenge any model of chainsaw this size.

GreenWorls GCS80420 Chainsaw Overview: Specs and Features

Equipped with an easy to view oil level indicator, this model runs on just under two ounces of oil.  The handle is made from a tough metal, with the entire machine featuring a heaviness that you’d expect from your standard gas powered model. The bigger the bar the more power you’ll enjoy and this model is equipped with an eighteen-inch bar.

The chainsaw uses 2.0 AH size battery at 144-watt hours. The included charger can provide a full charge in as little as thirty minutes. We recommend that you keep a couple of battery packs in the garage that way you’ll always have a fully charged battery ready to go, especially when it comes to bigger projects. A built-in LED indicator light will alert you once the battery has been fully charged.

Most users are hesitant to purchase a battery operated chainsaw because they mistakenly believe they don’t offer much power, but this GreenWorks model feels a lot like your standard gas powered chainsaw. You can expect a lot of power and a great performance, however, if you push this chainsaw too hard it can stall out on you.

The eighteen-inch blade is pretty aggressive. For thicker wood slowly dig the bucking spikes into the meat of the wood angled down and at a steady pace. Allow the blade to do all the work instead of your arms. The result will be a nice neat cut. While cutting with the chainsaw feels very comfortable and controlled.

Consumer Feedback for this GreenWorks Cordless Chainsaw

Pros: This new 80v model has about twenty-five percent more power when compared to the GreenWorks 40v. And with the huge eighteen-inch bar it also has a lot more cutting capability. This new model feels a lot like a gas powered chainsaw and features a snappy start-up. The quality components including the wrap around handle and the steel bucking spikes will make you forget you’re using a battery powered model. Even though it’s battery powered it’s not much lighter than a traditional chainsaw. Given that it feels so much like a gas model many consumers didn’t see the big deal about switching to a battery powered saw. But choosing a chainsaw that runs on electricity as opposed to gas allows you to do your part for the environment because this model doesn’t emit any dangerous fumes. Run time is comparable to that of a gas chainsaw.

Cons: Some consumers felt that this model didn’t pack quite as much power as a standard saw while others noted it had a tendency to stall more frequently than you would experience using a traditional model.

Conclusion and Rating for this Electric Chainsaw

Consumers gave this model a rating of four out of five stars for safety features, ease of use and ergonomic handle design. If you ease into a cut and don’t push the saw too hard during the start-up then you’ll experience clean cuts each time and no stalling. A great model that allows you to do your part for the environment and with a reputation for a quiet running operation, this model by GreenWorks is a must-have tool that’s designed for home use.

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